ATW’s Annual Eco-Aviation Awards

Nominate Your Company for ATW’s Annual Eco-Aviation Awards Ceremony

ATW is pleased to announce the Annual Eco-Aviation Awards Ceremony, where we honor those companies who are demonstrating leadership in the field of eco-aviation. The Ceremony will take place in 2014, at the conclusion of ATW’s 7th Annual Eco-Aviation Conference. ATW  Editors, will present the awards.

The magazine’s editorial staff and ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Committee members will select the Award winners through all of the nominations. Any person or organization within the industry can be nominated as long as their company or product fits one of the four award categories. Here are some of the criteria used to consider an award in each category:

New for 2014! Airport of the Year Award

As ATW celebrates its 50th year of publishing and 40th Annual Airline Achievement Awards, a new category of Airport of the Year has been added to the program.

Nominations are being sought for this prestigious award. A winner will be selected by ATW’s team of international Editors.

The winner of the 2014 Airport of the Year Award should demonstrate:

  • A clear and excellent partnership with airline customers
  • High standards of environmentally-friendly operational practices
  • Innovation in providing excellent facilities for passengers
  • Good working relationships with local authorities to ensure the economic value of their airport is understood and supported

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Award - Environmental Airline of the Year

What is sure to be one of the most coveted awards for airlines, the winner of Environmental Airline of the Year must demonstrate eco-aviation leadership through its fuel reduction programs, and thus GHG emissions, for air and ground. Through an active promotional program, this airline must exhibit environmental concern and action through its community involvement. This airline will also be known within the industry as a leader in eco-solutions and a pioneer in new green initiatives.

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Award - Environmental Airport of the Year

The Environmental Airport of the Year recipient will be a leader in the industry and have a proven track record in using technology that reduces airport emissions. It will exhibit an excellent relationship with airlines in reducing emissions and engaging its community to lessen GHGs.

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Award - Green Technology Award

The Green Technology Award winner will be a leader with its environmentally friendly innovations by developing a new product for the industry that significantly cuts emissions.

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Award - Eco Partnership Award

Airlines, Manufacturers and Airports can’t improve the environment single-handedly. In most cases, eco-achievements are accomplished via partnerships between suppliers, airlines and/or airports. This award acknowledges a successful partnership that has worked to produce ground-breaking eco programs.

ATW’s Eco-Aviation Conference Award - EcoPioneer Award

ATW recognizes that both individuals and companies have been at the cutting edge of environmental issues. The EcoPioneer Award recipient will have been at the forefront with eco- innovations that have become standard.  

If you would like to nominate a company for one of ATW’s Annual Eco-Aviation Awards, please click here to view our Submission Guidelines. Nominations for 2014 should be submitted to Karen Walker at

For more information on this event contact:
Gabriel Balmes, Business & Finance Manager, Penton Aviation
Phone: +1-301-755-0162

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