ATW Airline Industry Achievement Awards - Categories, Criteria, How to Nominate

The ATW airline industry awards program was created in 1974 to recognize excellence. These Awards have become one of the most coveted and valued honors a company or a person in the airline industry can receive. In February 2014, ATW Editors will present the 40th Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards.

The ATW Award winners are selected by the magazine's editorial staff after a detailed examination of all nominations and qualifying candidates. Airlines, companies and industry organizations and individuals worldwide can self-nominate or nominate an organization they believe merits an award for any of the categories listed.

Nominations should be submitted directly to ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker at or via mail to:

Karen Walker, Editor-in-chief, Air Transport World, 8380 Colesville Road, Suite 500, Silver Spring, Md 20910 USA  Tel: +1 301 755 0165.

The deadline for 40th Awards nominations is September 30 2013.

Winners will be invited to the ATW  40th Annual airline Industry Achievement Awards gala dinner, where ATW Editors will present the awards.

Winners and their achievements will feature in a special section of the ATW March 2014 edition. Highlights of the Gala Awards event will also be published in the ATW April 2014 edition


Nominees for ATW’s top award for outstanding performance can be any carrier that has demonstrated consistent overall excellence for the awards period September 2012-September 2013. 

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Excellence, innovation and leadership by executive management
  • Strong financial discipline
  • Consistent and excellent safety record
  • Proven leadership in community, eco and technology endeavors
  • Consistent high standards of customer service
  • Excellent labor relations

New for 2014! Airport of the Year Award

As ATW celebrates its 50th year of publishing and 40th Annual Airline Achievement Awards, a new category of Airport of the Year has been added to the program.

Nominations are being sought for this prestigious award. A winner will be selected by ATW’s team of international Editors.

The winner of the 2014 Airport of the Year Award should demonstrate:

  • A clear and excellent partnership with airline customers
  • High standards of environmentally-friendly operational practices
  • Innovation in providing excellent facilities for passengers
  • Good working relationships with local authorities to ensure the economic value of their airport is understood and supported


Nominees for the Value Airline of the Year Award are carriers that maintain low costs, low fares and deliver value to employees, shareholders and/or investors, as well as to customers.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Disciplined and rigorous cost control
  • Innovative and motivational practices that incentivize employees
  • Strong safety and operational performances
  • Positive growth trends
  • Customer loyalty via low-cost innovations



Nominees for the Regional Airline of the Year Award are carriers that provide service to/from markets generally not operated to by major carriers though they may connect those markets to major points on the global aviation network. They may provide service on a contract basis and/or independently branded flying. 

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates operational excellence and efficient use of smaller aircraft
  • Develops/opening up/exploits markets not part of the mainline international airline network
  • Sets first-rate safety standards
  • Provides consistent high standards of customer service



Nominees for the Airline Technology Leadership Award are carriers that have demonstrated innovation and follow-through in the application of a new technology or system that has enhanced their operational, financial and/or market share performance. Examples of technology fields include aircraft, avionics, air traffic control, maintenance, computer systems, customer-interface systems, in-flight entertainment systems, fuel efficiency and eco-aviation systems.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Introduction and integration of a technology that has delivered measurable results
  • Innovation and leadership in the development and/or application of that technology or system
  • Benefit of that technology to the airline and/or to the greater airline industry


Nominees for the Airline Market Leadership Award are carriers that have developed or entered new markets and/or innovative business strategies that have grown their networks, revenues, customer base and/or brand recognition.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • A marketing strategy that has delivered measurable results in customer and/or revenue growth
  • A business strategy that has increased brand recognition and loyalty across existing and new customers
  • An innovative marketing and branding strategy that differentiates the carrier from its competitors


ATW's Decade of Excellence award recognizes an individual whose commitment, leadership and endeavors have resulted in significant and lasting contributions that have shaped and promoted the global airline industry.

The winner must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a globally-recognized industry leader whose active involvement in the airline community spans at least 10 years
  • Someone who has created, led and/or promoted activities, projects or campaigns that have benefited the entire airline industry



Nominees for the Aviation Technology Achievement Award are organizations, companies or manufacturers that have developed a technology, product or system that has significantly advanced airline operations, capability, efficiency and/or airline safety. These could include, but are not limited to, aircraft, avionics, engines, ground systems, navigation systems, air traffic management systems, training and simulation technologies, and maintenance and overhaul systems.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • A proven technology, product or system with demonstrable and measurable results
  • Benefit of that technology, product or system to the global airline industry



Nominees for the Cargo Carrier of the Year Award can be any all-freight or combination operator.

The winner must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Financial rigor and adaptability to changing markets
  • High standards of operational safety/security
  • High standards of customer satisfaction
  • Innovative deployment of technology and systems to enhance network efficiency.



Named in honor of ATW’s founder and first editor and publisher, the Joseph S. Murphy Industry Award is presented in those years where ATW Editors believe an individual, airline, company or organization merits special recognition.

Joseph S. Murphy’s aviation publishing career spanned more than half a century. With the launch of ATW, he created a publication 100% dedicated to covering the events, issues and advancement of the global commercial aviation industry.

Awardees will have demonstrated a similar long-standing dedication, passion and commitment to a body of work that has benefited the industry and its communities.

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