Russian authorities have granted permission for Moscow Domodedovo International Airport to open the first part of T2 terminal—a 157,000 sq m T2 international flights gallery—before the FIFA World Cup that begins in Russia this month.

The gallery will be able to handle 5 million passengers annually.

The rest of the T2 terminal will be opened after completion of the new aerodrome infrastructure, including the construction of new runway and aprons financed by the Russian government.

According to Russian legislation, airfields cannot be privatized and remain government property even if the airport is managed by a private company and its terminal infrastructure was bought or rented privately.

T2 will nearly double Domodedovo’s existing terminal space, to 500,000 sq m. The airport will be able to handle a combined passenger capacity of 55-58 million in its existing T1 and T2 terminals when T2 construction is complete. Thereafter, the airport will start work on the T3 terminal, which is scheduled to open in 2023.

Since 2013, Domodedovo has invested RUB42.8 billion ($686.9 million) in development. 

Polina Montag-Girmes