Lufthansa has called on Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport and German border police to urgently address system problems that led to some 3,000 passengers missing their flights in the days leading to Christmas.

Passengers using Frankfurt on Dec. 22 faced security lines of up to 90 minutes and many of them missed their flights even if they turned up early.

Lufthansa said it had to delay 88 flights because bags had to be unloaded from aircraft after passengers were unable to get through security and to their gates in time. The security lines were particularly bad at Terminal 1, which is used by Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partner airlines.

“This demonstrated again huge quality problems at Frankfurt Airport…at peak times, the system is obviously overburdened. In the coming year, these problems must be solved urgently in cooperation with the federal police and Fraport,” designated Lufthansa board member for airline resources & operations Detlef Kayser said.

Lufthansa and Fraport have been in dispute for years over airport fees, which the airline considers to be too high, and recurring delays at Lufthansa’s home base.

Lufthansa says Fraport does not invest enough in infrastructure to accommodate growth. Fraport counters that is ability to expand is limited until the opening of Terminal 3 in 2023.

Kurt Hofmann,