Two French airlines, Aigle Azur and Air Caraïbes, have signed a codeshare arrangement.

Leisure carrier Aigle Azur is based in metropolitan France, while Air Caraïbes is the regional airline of the French Caribbean territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Air Caraïbes operates to destinations throughout the Caribbean, including Guyana, Saint Martin, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Passengers can now link these to nine destinations on Paris Orly-based Aigle Azur’s route network: Porto, Faro and Funchal (Madeira) in Portugal, Milan (Italy), Beirut (Lebanon), Berlin (Germany) and Bamako (Mali).

Two other destinations, Moscow and Algiers, are currently offered via an interline Special Prorate Agreement.

Franco-Russian space collaboration generates frequent trips between Moscow and Kourou in Guyana, the launch site for the European Space Agency and others. Elsewhere in the West Indies and Guyana, strong Lebanese communities can be found and whose roundtrips to Beirut will now be simplified via Paris Orly.

“This agreement will allow us to offer an even wider service to all our customers,” Aigle Azur president Frantz Yvelin said. “Customers from both companies will benefit from an even wider range of destinations.”

Air Caraïbes president Patrick Malval noted the number of passengers arranging their own connecting flights is rising rapidly and the new partnership between the two carriers would simplify this process.

Alan Dron