Airplane Maintenance Production Planning and Control

June 24th - 28th, 2012

Past Event:

The production planning and control seminar covers topics that will interest production planners, production managers, and cost accountants at the airlines, MROs, and independent component shops. The topics range from integrating the disparate airplane maintenance requirements into a composite long-range forecast and plan and how these plans trickle down into intermediate- and short-term plans. Concepts and techniques to estimate and forecast maintenance events and develop work packages will be presented. Methods to analyze postproduction performance are discussed by determining the variance between actual costs and standard costs. The objective of the seminar is to optimize the existing resources in an airline/MRO under a given set of constraints.

DoubleTree Hotel, City of Orange

For more information:

Phone: 562-982-8236
Fax: 562-593-6380

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