Central and Eastern European LCC Wizz Air has announced a new baggage policy, effective Nov. 1. The new policy aims to ease boarding delays and guarantees all passengers can bring one free carry-on bag into the aircraft cabin.

Airline statistics show that more than 10,000 flights per year are affected by baggage-related delays. In addition, over the past five years the average length of stay at a destination has been continuously declining; today every third Wizz Air traveler books trips for three days or less.

Because of shorter trips, Wizz Air said its passengers pack light and smart.

Starting Nov. 1, every passenger can bring one free carry-on bag (40x30x20 cm) on board, while passengers who purchase WIZZ Priority will be allowed to carry a trolley bag (55x40x23 cm) into the cabin as well.

Wizz Air customers can choose among more than 50 carry-on and checked baggage variations based on their individual preferences.

Wizz Air chief marketing officer Johan Eidhagen said: “Passengers want unbundled products and that is at the heart of the ultra-low-cost model Wizz Air applies. We want to offer our customers the lowest possible fares as well as a transparent view into ticket pricing.”

Wizz Air expects this new baggage policy will contribute to a more comfortable and quicker boarding, a better customer experience, as well as enhance the airline’s on-time departure performance. With more certainty that a bag can fit onboard—and a new, wider selection of baggage size and weight options—customers now have an unprecedented assortment of combinations to choose from, the airline said.

Kurt Hofmann, hofmann.aviation@netway.at