22            Delta Out Front
With the Northwest merger in the rearview mirror, the Atlanta airline is at the leading edge of the US industry’s transformation.
By Aaron Karp

29            The Inside Story

Airlines tailor cabin products to more closely replicate the home experience.
By Christine Boynton

35            Training Time
Simulator manufacturers tailor devices and flight schools to varying airline needs.
By Karen Walker

39            Help with the Heavy Work
More airline maintenance work is moving to outside providers.
By Henry Canaday

43            Survival Plan
SAS digs in with restructuring program.
By Victoria Moores

47            Freight Shock
Chinese carriers have been unable to weather the air cargo slump.
By Katie Cantle

48            Stop the Uncertainty
The European Commission’s decision to “stop the clock” on EU ETS has so far not provided a clear route for a global emissions solution.
By Victoria Moores

53            A Blueprint for Better ATM
Competition moves up the air traffic management agenda.
By Anne Paylor

54            Bigger and Bigger
Interview with Tim Clark, Emirates president.
By Kurt Hofmann

7            Editorial
Sense & Security
By Karen Walker

11            News Briefs

20            Analysis

The Fix
Boeing’s redesign of the 787’s lithium ion system takes a multi-layered approach, but also adds weight.
By Karen Walker

57            Trends

64            Commentary

EU ETS  is a wider aviation problem.
By Finn Payne, CF Partners, Aviation Specialist