Volotea, a Spanish LCC specializing in point-to-point service between Europe’s secondary cities, plans on steady growth in fleet, network and revenues next year.

The airline’s fleet is expected to grow to 34 aircraft, chief sales officer Pierfrancesco Carino said Nov. 8 during a press conference in Lyon, France.

The fleet will include 16 or 17 Airbus A319s, he said, thanks to the delivery of three used A319s, while acquisition of a fourth A319 has yet to be closed. Volotea operates the A319s in a 156-seat configuration.

The rest of the fleet consists of 125-seat Boeing 717s, which were “very good to begin with” when the carrier was founded in 2012, Carino said, but are being replaced by the longer-range, greater-capacity A319s. Volotea targets 2022 for a single-type fleet.

The airline flies 293 routes and plans to expand to 319, with 36 new routes and 10 withdrawals. About 60% of the carrier’s routes, such as Lyon-Palermo, are seasonal—active from April to October—with the remainder active year-round, Carino said.

The carrier plans to reach 83 cities, up from 78, in 15 countries, up from 13. Most Volotea destinations are in southern Europe.

The airline expects to carry 5.7 million to 6 million passengers this year and 7 million in 2019. The average load factor stands at 94%; it was reported at 95% for the June-September period

Revenues are predicted to exceed €390 million ($447 million) this year, up from €307 million in 2017.

“We have had profitable growth since 2014,” Carino said.

The airline employs about 1,000 people, up from 875 earlier this year, and anticipates further growth.

Thierry Dubois, thierry.dubois@aviationweek.com