Japanese carriers experienced further disruption Sept. 6 as an earthquake forced the closure of a major hub airport in Sapporo, just a few days after the flooding that has closed Osaka’s Kansai International Airport.

The magnitude-6.7 quake struck the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, causing widespread damage and power loss. Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport reportedly suffered damage, and was closed to all flights. Photos show fallen debris inside a terminal building.

Meanwhile, all flights were suspended at Osaka’s Kansai airport for a third day after Typhoon Jebi caused a severe storm surge Sept. 4. Runways were flooded, ground transport links were damaged and flooding affected some parts of the terminals. Local media reports that the government aims to reopen Kansai to domestic flights Sept. 7, with international service to follow later.

LCC Peach, which is based at Kansai, confirmed that it will operate some domestic flights on Sept. 7. It has scheduled six outbound and 11 inbound flights, with the remainder canceled.

Peach said that Kansai’s terminal 2, which is the one the LCC uses, suffered little damage. However, it warned that access to the airport is only possible via ferry or bus service.

As an example of the disruption, All Nippon Airways (ANA) reports that 130 of its flights were canceled on Sept. 6 due to the New Chitose closure, affecting about 24,000 passengers. That same day, the Kansai closure caused 34 domestic cancellations for ANA affecting 5,400 passengers, and 14 international cancellations affecting 1,700 passengers.

Adrian Schofield, adrian.schofield@informa.com