Aeroflot Airline will revoke the premium frequent flyer status of unruly passengers, after nine reported cases of intolerable conduct—including physical assault toward employees, flight attendants and airline staff at the airport—since the beginning of 2018.

Most of the cases involved passengers who had premium status in the frequent flyer program.

In addition, the Russian flag carrier said all bonus miles will be canceled and the passenger’s Aeroflot Bonus account will be closed; offenders will not be able to get another account in the program.

Aeroflot previously announced it would hand over two cases—one involving a business-class passenger on a Moscow-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky flight and one involving a passenger on a Geneva-Moscow flight on Jan. 15 and Feb. 23, respectively—to the Russian prosecution service in accordance with Russian law.

Aeroflot announced it would toughen laws against unruly passengers in 2016, when the company said its internal passenger watch list reached 3,090 names.

Polina Montag-Girmes