Japan Airlines (JAL) has ordered both Embraer E-Jets and the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) as it prepares to revitalize its J-AIR regional subsidiary’s fleet.

JAL announced Thursday it had signed a firm order with Embraer for 15 E-170s and E-190s, worth $677 million at list prices; the split between the two models was not revealed. It also placed options for a further 12 E-Jet family aircraft. Seating capacity of the E-170 is normally 78, while the E-190 typically carries 104 passengers.

The E-Jets are powered by GE Aviation’s CF34 engines.

Osaka-based J-AIR already has 15 E-170s, which have been “highly well received” by passengers and nine Bombardier CRJ200s. The new E-Jets will begin delivery from 2015 as the CRJ200s are retired and will be used to expand the regional route network.

In a statement, JAL said “other propeller jets” would also be retired from 2015. The Group operates Bombardier Q100s, Q300s and Q400s plus the Saab 340Bs in its Japan Air Commuter subsidiary.

Simultaneously, JAL announced it had signed a letter of intent with Mitsubishi for 32 MRJs. Again, the split between the 78-seat MRJ70 and the 92-seat MRJ90 was not revealed. JAL declined to reveal the price.

The MRJs will start to arrive from 2021 and JAL “intends to use it as the choice replacement for all other current regional jets including the E-170 by 2021,” becoming J-AIR’s next-generation regional jet on domestic routes.

The JAL statement added, “As a network carrier that also operates regional jet aircraft, the JAL Group will not only be purchasing the MRJ, but also aims to provide know-how from the operator’s perspective in the development of this aircraft. We hope to support the birth of a Japanese passenger jet which we can boast about to the world, and thereby contribute to the development of the Japanese economy.”