Airbus Group sold a 66.5% stake in its Test & Services business to ACE Management and IRDI.  Toulouse-based Test & Services, which will be renamed Spherea Test & Services, specializes in the development, manufacturing and maintenance of test equipment.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Boeing have partnered to produce a new radome, the Boeing Tri-band. The radome will support Ku and K/Ka wideband commercial and military satellite communications. It will be available for both retrofit and production airplane installation in the fourth quarter of 2015. The new radome is planned for use as a line-fit option on Boeing 737s, 747s, 777s and 787 Dreamliners. It will also be available for retrofit.

Boeing announced the launch of its new Space Bins, which provide more room for carry-on bags. Space Bins are now available as an optional feature on new Next-Generation 737s and 737 MAX airplanes. Each of the larger Space Bins will stow six bags, two more than the current pivot bins installed on Next-Generation 737s with the Boeing Sky Interior. That's based on a standard size carry-on bag measuring 9-in x 14-in x 22-in (23 cm x 36 cm x 56 cm).