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Russia’s MC-21 and IL-114 win new orders at MAKS Air Show 

  • Nov 16, 2017
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    Dubai Air Show 2017 Orders Roundup  

    Commercial aircraft orders and commitments placed at the Dubai Air Show, November 12-16, 2017....More
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Nov 16, 2017

Alaska’s Cuba pullout signals death of US-Cuba air transport market

Alaska’s Los Angeles-Havana daily flight was a good litmus test for the viability of the US-Cuba market....More
Nov 14, 2017

Dubai Air Show: Ode to the Missing Man

As they walked the line at Dubai’s Fair, They met a man who wasn’t there....More
Nov 10, 2017

Can the air transport industry be ‘Uber-ized’?

Uber has shaken up the taxi market. Could the same happen to air transport? The simple answer is yes. The question is when the next big change will come, or whether it’s already happening....More
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