Former Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) CEO Eamonn Brennan wants to make sure pan-European air traffic management (ATM) system Eurocontrol delivers value, after taking up his new role as director general on Jan. 1.

Brennan has over 35 years’ experience in both the public and private sector, including the development of aviation policy in Ireland and abroad. In his role at IAA, he was responsible for ATM services in Irish-controlled airspace, aeronautical communications on the North Atlantic and air traffic control (ATC) at the major Irish airports, as well as Irish civil aviation safety and security regulation.

“I am determined to convince our stakeholders that we bring value. I want to involve them more but with a tighter focus. I am going to make sure that Eurocontrol works more efficiently and that what it does is what is actually wanted,” Brennan said.

He added that one of his ambitions is to see ATM “done in a pan-European way, but without duplication.”

Eurocontrol has 41 member states, as well as comprehensive agreements with Israel and Morocco. The body’s duties include creating the long-awaited Single European Sky system, designed to smooth the flow of air traffic throughout the continent by doing away with many of the current national boundaries.

Victoria Moores