The Civil Aviation Administration of China’s (CAAC) Air Traffic Management Bureau signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Boeing in an effort to alleviate increasing air traffic congestion in China.

According to the MOU, the regulator will cooperate with Boeing to enhance the efficiency and capacity of China’s airspace system as China continues to grow into one of the world’s largest and most complex aviation operating environments. Boeing will provide professional expertise to CAAC in the key fields of airspace management, flow management, aviation data, communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorology, general aviation and training.

“We are focused on making sure that the airspace system does not limit growth of the airlines while maintaining the highest levels of safety,” CAAC DG-Air Traffic Management Bureau Che Jinjun said.

“This MOU reaffirms our longstanding relationship with the CAAC’s Air Traffic Management Bureau and highlights Boeing’s expertise in the aviation services industry with airspace and air traffic management solutions that enhance efficiencies on a wide scale,” Boeing China president John Bruns said. “China is the largest commercial market for Boeing with tremendous growth potential. It is mutually beneficial for Boeing and the CAAC to work together to develop lasting solutions that build and enhance airspace capacity in China,” he added.

CAAC’s Air Traffic Management Bureau and Boeing have other partnership cooperations that include airspace simulation projects, technical and management training and new technology initiatives.

Earlier this month, China Eastern Airlines CEO Ma Xulun called on Beijing to formulate legislation for China’s air space management to meet the country’s fast-growing market demands. China’s airspace shared between Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, and Hangzhou, which exceeded 150 million passengers in 2016, represents one of the busiest airspace corridors in the world.