Airport Aviation Safety and Security Regulations.

Shanghai airport explosion/Twitter

Explosion at Shanghai airport check-in causes passenger injuries

Poll Question: Stockholm, Sweden and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic may be the next airports to get US customs preclearance facilities. US preclearance facilities are:

This week's poll question: Have the recent terror incidents and threats caused you to alter your air travel plans?

This week's poll question: After the terrorist attacks on a Russian airliner and in the city of Paris, do airline and airport security measures need to be further increased?

This week's poll question: Would you support an extra screening barrier on the land side of airports?

This week's poll question: The US Transportation Security Administration [TSA] is warning travelers of long security queues at certain high-traffic US airports this summer. Do you think more people will enroll in TSA’s expedited screening programs?

This week's poll question: Are the world’s airlines prepared to prevent a cyberattack on their planes?

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